Financing Solutions For Your Business

American Financial Partners understands the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We know the challenges you face, and the opportunities that lie ahead. That’s why we provide custom-tailored ideas on how to use financing to achieve your goals.


All businesses share one thing in common, they all need things in order to operate successfully. Obtaining the necessary equipment to start or expand a business can be expensive and, for many, cost prohibitive.


AFP provides recommendations on how to use financing to achieve your goals. With all of the creative, strategic financing options we offer to businesses, we are able to tailor a solution that will work for you.


There are many benefits for using AFP financing for your business.
  • Preserve your credit lines
  • You pay only for what you use
  • Conserve cash and working capital
  • Allows you 100% financing
  • Tax benefits
  • Overcome budget limitations
*AFP is not a tax advisor. Please consult your accountant for tax advice specific to your needs.

Smart Financing Moves

Financing is just good business. Freeing up capital, making tax-deductible payments, leveraging deferred payment options, and increasing your sales volume are all solid reasons why more than 85% of businesses use leasing to help their company grow.

Choose the program that fits you best! The following are just a few of the options AFP offers businesses wanting to lease equipment.

*AFP is not a tax advisor. Please consult your accountant for tax advice specific to your needs.


The Equipment Finance Agreement is a fixed-term obligation with equal monthly payments. Equipment is owned at the end; there is no buyout to worry about.


This lease purchase allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for $1.00. It allows you to gain equity in the equipment and, as with all of our options, there is minimal cost to get into the plan.


AFP can offer application only financing without financial statements up to $500,000 based on credit strength and equipment.


Ask us how you can get your equipment with nothing down!


Finance 100% of any capital purchase, such as any type of new or used equipment, technology and software, including ‘soft’ fees such as delivery, installation, training, maintenance and taxes.


AFP provides working capital solutions that can be used for various business needs such as expanding your business, remodeling your facility, handling emergencies/tax liabilities or purchasing inventory.


AFP can help with a loan for the purchase, renovation or development of property that will be used for business operations.


Let AFP help you start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.


Factoring is a business financing tool that allows a business to convert their outstanding invoices into cash helping to boost cash flow.


You can let your equipment start to earn a profit before you even make a payment! This plan allows you to use your equipment for up to 90 days without a payment.

6 X $99

In this plan, the first 6 payments are only $99.


This plan offers the flexibility of varied payment amounts and is perfect for you if your cash flow fluctuates throughout the year.


This lease is structured so that you have the opportunity to return the equipment at the end of the lease, purchase it for fair market value, or continue to rent the equipment.

If You Need a Simple Process, You've Come to the Right Place

At American Financial Partners our goal is to offer value-added finance solutions. We do this by providing a simple process, individual attention, one-call convenience, and 100% service satisfaction.


Customer fills out and submits the AFP online application. Customers can also request a hard copy and fill out, sign and fax the application to 866-237-5204.


Upon receipt of the application, American Financial Partners will contact the customer to begin the application review process. Within hours, a decision or request for additional information will be sent to the customer.


American Financial Partners will send the customer the necessary documents for signature.


Once signed documents are received, a purchase order or payment will be issued to the vendor for equipment delivery.

Calculate Your Payment

Payment quotes subject to credit approval; rates and structure may vary dependent upon credit quality. Rates may change without notice.

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