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Tips to reestablish credit

There are a number of ways to reestablish credit, some good and some that simply take too long and are not very effective.  I will address some of the most common methods, noting both the positive and negative aspects of each. Secured credit cards: This method is both costly and...
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What factors are used to calculate credit scores?

Although credit scoring models were being developed as early at the 1950’s, their actual widespread use didn’t fully take effect until the early 1990’s. Fair Isaac Inc. or FICO as we all know them were the first to take these mathematical models or algorithm’s as they are sometimes called and...
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Is your business credit headed for a heart attack?

Knowing and understanding what your business credit looks like is crucial for any business owner.  More and more businesses are financing and leasing equipment among other items to keep cash flow alive in their businesses.  Knowing how your business credit looks can help make credit approvals quicker and easier, it...
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