The team at American Financial Partners has 30+ years of solid experience in the Bank Leasing industry. As the climate of the economy continues to change, the way in which we address the needs of the individual customer has also evolved. We are prepared to partner with you to discover innovative leasing opportunities to fit today’s commercial customers.

How Leasing Benefits Your Customer:

  • 100% Financing:
  • No down payment required
  • Roll in “soft costs” such as installation, freight and training 

Tax Savings Potential:

  • Tax benefits may be significant based on the lease structure
  • Monthly payments may be 100% tax deductible
  • Fixed Payment, Term and Rate.
  • General Lessor:
  • Review all types and qualities of customers including start-ups and challenged credits
  • Review all types and quality of equipment including used
  • Flexible Lease Structures:
  • Variety of lease terms and options
  • Seasonal Payments, 90-days Deferred, Step-Up Programs
  • Preserve customer’s credit lines, cash and working capital:
  • Doesn’t affect bank lines of credit for A/R, working capital and/or inventory
  • Fast and Convenient:
  • Simple one page application
  • App only available   
  • Quick turn around times
  • Reduced Risk of Technical Obsolescence:
  • Operating Lease structures allow businesses to determine at lease end if they want to own, upgrade or return equipment
  • No Blanket Lien. 

How Leasing Benefits The Bank: 

  • Personal service for you and your customers.
  • Quick turn around for every applicant.
  • Review all qualities of customers – even start-ups.
  • Preserve customer’s credit lines.
  • Alternative finance options for your customers.
  • One-stop shopping for customers.
  • Vendor Programs:
  • Bank receives fee income on all transactions generated from vendor program
  • Marketing Support.
  • Non-Recourse Fee Income.
  • Customers you normally may not be able to assist…We can help!
  • Customer is at legal lending limit with the bank?
  • Bank declined customer?
  • Customer out of your lending area?
  • Soft collateral?
  • Lack of down payment?

Experience you can depend upon. Knowledge you can resource. Progressive solutions you can trust.  

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Carrie Radloff – Business Development Manager

Josh Penman – National Business Development Director

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