Smart Financing Moves

Choose the program that fits you best!

The following are just a few of the options AFP offers businesses wanting to lease equipment:

Operating Lease or Fair Market Value Option

This lease is structured so that you have the opportunity to return the equipment at the end of the lease, purchase it for fair market value, or continue to rent the equipment. This allows you to write off your monthly payment for tax purposes. *

$1 Out Lease
This lease purchase allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for $1.00. It allows you to gain equity in the equipment and, as with all of our options, there is minimal cost to get into the plan.

Equipment Finance Agreement
This plan allows the customer to pay off with a simple interest option. It allows them to make only 2 payments down and we encumber only the equipment being financed.

100% Finance Plan
Finance 100% of any capital purchase, such as any type of new or used equipment, technology and software, including ‘soft’ fees such as delivery, installation, training, maintenance and taxes.

App Only Plan
AFP can offer you up to $150,000 in purchases without financial documents.

Master Lease
This plan allows you to get approved for financing up front and draw off those funds over time.

Working Capital Plan
AFP provides working capital solutions that can be used for various business needs such as expanding your business, remodeling your facility, handling emergencies/tax liabilities or purchasing inventory.

Seasonal Payment Plan
This plan offers the flexibility of varied payment amounts and is perfect for you if your cash flow fluctuates throughout the year.

90-Day Deferred
You can let your equipment start to earn you a profit before you even make a payment! This plan allows you to use your equipment for up to 90 days without a payment.

Quarterly Payment
Some businesses prefer to make fewer payments throughout the year. If monthly payments are not for you, ask us about this plan.

Step Up and Step Down Lease
Your payments can start low and increase as profits do, or start higher and go down as the lease term progresses.

Medical & Professional Plan
Businesses in the medical and professional services fields can benefit from specific finance plans tailored to fit your needs. Contact us for details.

$0 down
Ask us how you can get your equipment with nothing down!

6 x $99
In this plan, the first 6 payments are only $99.

*AFP is not a tax advisor. Please consult your accountant for tax advice specific to your needs.

If you would like to talk with us directly about your financing options, please call 888.237.4520 or email