American Financial Partners is NOT right for you if…

These days you’re probably deluged with all the reasons why you should choose a finance partner for your equipment needs. And while we think there are a few handfuls of reasons to choose AFP, it might be most beneficial to examine the five big reasons why you shouldn’t choose us:

  1. You want to wait weeks to hear back from your loan officer just for them to ask for more information
  2. You like to be nickel and dimed with fees throughout your contract
  3. After your deal funds, you do not want them to ever answer your call or email again
  4. You love a lot of red tape and contract surprises in the fine print
  5. You prefer automated phone systems and can’t stand talking to a real person during your finance process


If these items are you…please call an impersonal 1-800 number or faceless online application-driven finance company today!

And on the off chance this isn’t you…we’d encourage you to give AFP a chance. We bring big-time financial resources delivered with a real “main street” kind of approach to meet your financing needs.

Contact us today!

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