New Year, New Sales Goals. Sell more equipment in 2017

Optimism across the business landscape has returned. Businesses are slowly emerging from the “status quo” mentality of the last several years and making plans for growth. The ice that formed on the “maybe laters” and “what ifs” that have been far too present in your equipment sales conversations could be thawing moving into 2017. Knowing this, how can you get a fast start on your sales goals for the year? Here’s a few ideas:

Sell a payment

If your prospects are genuinely interested in growing their businesses with more revenue producing equipment, they may not be well-prepared financially. To grow you need cash—before the revenues start rolling in and bank relationships, putting it mildly, just aren’t what they used to be. Customers may not have the cash on hand to write a big check for equipment or have access to cash through a bank relationship. But by leveraging a partnership with an experienced equipment financier, you can offer financing that allows them to keep their cash and leave delicate bank relationships uninterrupted. A simple monthly payment that allows them to scale their business up as revenues arrive, instead of large cash outlays long before they arrive.

Mine the “maybe laters”

To get started quickly in 2017, build a database of every customer that told you “maybe later”. Research the equipment offering they were investigating at that time and reach out with a simple marketing campaign that tells them they can have the equipment in 2017 for as little as $XXXXX/mo. No sales prices—keep your margins in tact—just the equipment they wanted with an easy monthly payment and a challenge to make things happen in their business this year. This simple activity can drive some nice opportunities into your pipeline early and often.

The growth challenge

Home Depot’s famous tagline is, “You can do this”. Challenge your market to grow again. Your customers can take their business out of neutral and take a chance on growth. They can bid on the bigger piece of business or reimagine efficiencies in the company. They put more revenue producing equipment to work in their business and take market share. They can do this. And you can help with the equipment they need and a simple, affordable entry point that allows them to scale their business up as revenues arrive without creating a cash burden or difficulty in their bank relationship. While your competition is falling all over themselves to sell bits and bytes or gear ratios and tonnage you can sell more than that. You can sell a real plan to make more money with your equipment. Cool, huh?

At American Financial Partners, we help equipment sales teams grow their business with finance programs. Simple, fast competitive financing for your customers that makes your equipment easier to afford is waiting for your team. If you’d like to get a jump on your 2017 sales goals, let’s talk.

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