Business Optimism is Back. So, Let’s Go!

A bitter and divisive election season is over. And regardless of what you may think of the outcome, there is an undeniable move to optimism across the business landscape. The prospect of less regulation, lower taxes or any policy that might lend itself to business growth has business stakeholders on the move. Or maybe it’s just as simple as stakeholders understanding what the direction of things might be, rather than patented uncertainty? Either way, optimism breeds action. Action leads to investment and investment to growth.

Prepare yourself to win more business.

Bidding on more or larger opportunities requires your business to have the infrastructure to execute on it. Over the last few years, capital expenditures have been at or near all-time lows and many businesses find themselves simply not equipped for growth. Now is the time to evaluate your equipment need and put a plan in place.

Consider your financial position.

Are you financially prepared to grow? Consider your financial position and retain a finance partner that preserves the cash requirements to buy new equipment, while leaving your delicate banking relationships uninterrupted. By working to achieve close to 100% financing, you can minimize the cash outlay while waiting for the new business revenues to arrive—matching income to expenses. This is also a scalable approach that allows for affordable growth.

The interest rate game is upon us.

No more maybes and what ifs. Interest rates a rising…now. Since the election the 5 year interest rate swap (a key index of lending rates) is up nearly 30%. The Fed will raise rates very soon, so the long undisturbed low interest rate environment is ending if not already over. Though the increase will be gradual, the time to act to ensure your cost of borrowing remains low is now and for the next 18 months.

At American Financial Partners, we have a long history of financing equipment that powers the growth of businesses. Simple, fast and competitive financing with a personal level of service that is a little old fashioned. Be optimistic and let’s grow together.

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