Small Business Loans from Wal-Mart?


Shopping list:

Eggs- check

Milk- check

Bread- check

Small Business Loan- wait… what?

Are you a small business owner in need of capital?  If so, a Sam’s Club membership could open up access to it.  The warehouse shopping centers, a division of Wal-Mart Stores Inc, recently announced plans to test a small-business loan program in partnership with Superior Financial Group LLC.  Superior is one of just 13 federally licensed non-bank lenders approved to make SBA-guaranteed loans.  The program is great especially for small businesses who are getting declined at their local banks and having lines of credits pulled from them.  We have access to this program and have  been able to help several customers get the working capital they need for their business to increase inventory, expand their business or just meet operating expenses.  This program has a long amortized term of 10 years so it is affordable on cash flow and can be paid off early at any point.  This is certainly a fantastic program but the real question I have is how do small-businesses feel about Sam’s Club offering financing?  Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club is well known as a company who has been known to squash small business, driving mom and pop shops out of business due to their low prices that no one can compete with.  It will be interesting to see if businesses are in such dire need of capital that they turn to their “enemy” for financing.  I would be interested to hear from some of the small business owners out there about whether or not they would use Sam’s Club for working capital loans.  Send your thoughts to us!

Call us at 877-237-7287 for more details on this working capital loan program.

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