The benefits of acquiring used equipment

Most business owners look for the best deal when adding equipment to their business; a quality product at a reasonable price.  Many business owners are turning to used equipment in the face of these hard economic times looking to cut costs and increase profits.  Studies have shown that businesses who maintain or expand their businesses during an economic slowdown gain market share and emerge stronger when a recession ends.  Savvy business owners are positioning themselves for inevitable economic recovery by increasing their product offerings and efficiencies now.  Buying used equipment is a viable option for a number of reasons:

  1. New equipment may have a manufacturing lead time of 3-6 months where used equipment is available immediately. 
  2. A knowledgeable dealer can often locate equipment that is close to the manufacturer’s facility allowing you to sidestep potential shipping costs. 
  3. A vendor can inspect a pre-owned machine first-hand while it is still installed and running product at its original place of business. This allows the vendor to see everything the machine does, what parts it has and its overall condition.   
  4. Used equipment can save customers well over half the price of new models, sometimes for machines that are practically brand new.

One of the problems with acquiring used equipment is that most banks will not finance used equipment or are more stringent on financing used equipment asking for 50% down or additional collateral.  At AFP, we can provide 100% financing on your used equipment with only 1-2 payments in advance, up to a 5 year term and no additional collateral requested.  Simply fill out our one-page application and we will take care of the rest!

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